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Web Server

The Coyote Web Server is the most elegant, efficient, and easiest to implement solution for placing your MultiValue applications on the web.  Whether you want to use browsers for in-house users or sell directly to the public with e-commerce, Coyote provides the fast and easy solution.


PicLan-IP RPC Services layer mv/BASIC remote subroutines calls on top of the industry standard HTTP protocol. Ideal for clusters to hundreds of MultiValue serves that need to remote access data and remote execute code, PicLan-IP RPC Services make calling a remote subroutine as easy as calling a local subroutine.

Email Server

Internet standard SMTP/POP3 electronic mail can now be hosted directly within your MultiValue host system.  By bringing a new level of control and integration with your MultiValue applications and data, PicLan-IP makes email easy.

Inbound TELNET
for Native Hosts

Because PicLan-IP supports native as well as hosted Pick systems, native hosts can now use TCP/IP functions such as inbound TELNET.  This allows TCP/IP standard access over the public internet, from PC and MAC TELNET emulators, and from terminal servers.

TCP/IP Tools and Utilities

Additional PicLan-IP programming interfaces are available to make MultiValue to network integration easy and efficinet.  Functions range from HTTP client routes so that your MultiValue applications can browse the web to TCP/IP socket services for those who want full control.

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