Modular Software Corporation

PicLan-IP Evalutation Authorization Code

This application is used to receive an authorization code that can be used to evaluate the PicLan-Ip software.  In order to receive this authorization code and the rights to use the PicLan-IP software during an evaluation period, you must agree to the following:    

You must hereby agree to: 
  • Supply all of the information requested by this application truthfully.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the PicLan-IP End-User License Agreement.
  • Only use the PicLan-IP software for evaluation purposes.  Use of PicLan-IP in a production or development environment is not allowed while using an evaluation authorization code.

In addition, you must agree to: 

  • Not make any attempt to circumvent any execution limitations included within the PicLan-IP software.
  • Not disclose any confidential information concerning the PicLan-IP software to outside parties without the express permission of Modular Software.

If you agree to these conditions, please affirm so by selecting the button below:

If you do not agree to these conditions, then you are not granted permission to use the PicLan-IP software during an evaluation period.

Note about using this application: This application is multi-page. You can traverse forward and backward between pages using the control buttons that are a part of the application. Do not use the browser's forward or back button or else you will have to start over.